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Louise Morris is an experienced and trusted lawyer, advisor, business owner and community advocate living in Canberra, Australia. Louise brings a wealth of experience to her work and a unique perspective on life, the universe and Canberra gained from her diverse background in multiple industries.

Louise is a third generation Canberran, inspired by the work her grandparents started as business owners in a budding Capital region. Louise sees a city with a unique community – close geographically and emotionally – that supports local but thinks global, has a respected knowledge base across varied industries, and is more than just politicians, porn, pyrotechnics, and roundabouts.

“We have an unacknowledged base of industry, innovation, education and design that should be celebrated. I feel compelled to further the country and world’s perception of our city, and inspire the fourth generation to love it as much as I do.”

Career Highlights

Throughout her working life, Louise has always sought out new opportunities and pushed the boundaries of innovation. Louise is an acknowledged and awarded leader in both the property industry and the legal profession.

Upon returning to legal practice, Louise became the only Canberra-based property and construction lawyer who has developed large scale mixed-use, commercial and residential property. Louise is currently the principal of Morris Legal Group.
Louise’s pragmatic and accessible approach to the law has earned her a reputation for simplifying complex legal concepts and delivering practical solutions that align with clients’ business goals. She actively advocates for change in the legal industry, embracing digital transformation and challenging traditional practices such as the billable hour and favouring outcomes over attendance.
Recognized as one of the ACT’s Canberra’s top lawyers in her area of practice, Louise’s accomplishments include:

  • Recommended by Doyle’s Guide, Leading Property & Real Estate Lawyers – Canberra: 2020, 2021, and 2023.
  • Principal Director responsible for the practice of property law at firms recognized by Doyle’s Guide, Leading Property & Real Estate Firms – Canberra: 2017-2023.

Driven by a passion for continuous improvement, Louise strives to redefine the practice of law, revolutionize the way businesses operate and support other business owners to grow their own knowledge, confidence and success.

To start your next property adventure, get in touch with Louise or download free resources about the legal process at www.morrislegalgroup.com.au

In 2009, Louise re-established Morris Property Group with her father, Barry Morris as a continuation of the family’s investment, hospitality and retail business which was founded in 1978. During her time as Director of Development at Morris Property Group, Louise:

  • Delivered over 1,000 units in Canberra
  • Managed new construction, upgrades and refurbishments of several commercial buildings
  • Delivered three complex mixed-use precincts in key commercial hubs, including for joint ventures
  • Developed and implemented policies supporting and promoting diversity at Morris Property Group including Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Paid Parental Leave Policy
  • Provided ongoing education opportunities for women in construction and amenities security for women in construction at all Morris Property Group projects
  • Managed compliance and legal risk for Morris Property Group nationally
  • Developed and implemented a bespoke national quality assurance framework for residential development, the MPG Delivery Promise remain published on Morris Property Group’s website.

Louise is a recipient of the Australian Property Institute’s Young Achiever Award for her service to the property industry and her work at Morris Property Group.


Celebrating the Canberra community is at the heart of Louise’s purpose. In founding the Canberra Awards, Louise hopes to bring recognition and celebration of excellence in Canberra business, education, technology and innovation, nonprofit and the arts.

Louise actively supports and sponsors professional athletes in Canberra’s sporting community, empowering them to compete on the international stage. Her dedication extends beyond the sports realm; she also champions cross-sector collaboration and networking through Salon Canberra, the important suicide prevention work of Lifeline Canberra, and the promotion of diversity and inclusion in industry through the National Association of Women in Construction (ACT Chapter). Louise is passionate about fostering connections between and sharing stories amongst Canberrans.

The Canberra Awards

The Canberra Awards was established with the purpose of promoting the success of Canberra businesses, institutions, community groups and individuals that have made a positive impact on Canberra across industries, foster a community based on promoting and advancing of Canberra, and act as a medium to bring together different elements of the Canberra community to celebrate those who make an outstanding contribution to our city.

The annual awards feature seven award categories. The chosen categories are designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups or organisations, aligned to the Chief Minister’s Statement of Ambition for Canberra.

The Canberra Awards is judged by a panel of distinguished Canberrans, each a leading figure in their respective fields and drawn from a diverse cross-section of the Canberra community, representing various activities and interests. The Canberra Awards are presented at an annual gala event.
For more information on the Canberra Awards and how to apply

Sponsored Athletes

Canberra is known for its contribution to the Australian sporting landscape. Whether training from the Australian Institute of Sport or through privately owned and supported teams, the sporting talent in the ACT is one of Canberra’s best kept secrets.

Louise is pleased to sponsor professional Muay Thai athletes who are competing at an international level from their home base in Canberra in this traditional, culturally enriching combat sport.

Mask group (6)

Gabrielle de Ramos

Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Leading Mini-Flyweight in Australia

MM 1774 1 (1)

Maximus McVicker

Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Current World Welterweight Champion

Mask group (7)

David Pennimpede

Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Current International Middleweight Champion

Salon Canberra

Louise, as a founding sponsor of Salon Canberra, is dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations and collaborations that shape the future of Canberra. Salon Canberra brings together diverse individuals from various sectors, promoting cross-sector collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through intimate gatherings, participants connect, share insights, and inspire new conversations.

With special guests and recognized experts at every event, Salon Canberra explores the untapped potential of Canberra’s industries, innovation and design, and celebrating the city’s community spirit. Louise actively contributes by hosting guest artists, designers, and innovators at each Salon Canberra event, and has also shared her insights as a speaker, influencing the dynamic exchange of ideas that shape the future of the Capital Region.

If you would like to be involved in Salon Canberra or receive
a sponsored Seat at the Salon ticket, please contact us.

Lifeline Canberra

Louise’s support for Lifeline Canberra her dedication to promoting mental wellbeing and suicide prevention in the Canberra community. Through Louise’s connection with Lifeline Canberra, Morris Legal Group is proud to sponsor the Christmas Giving Tree, an initiative that raises mental health awareness during a challenging time of the year.

Lifeline Canberra plays a vital role in providing crisis support and suicide prevention services, offering compassion and resources to those in need. By joining Louise and Morris Legal Group in supporting Lifeline Canberra, you can make a difference through donations, volunteering, or raising awareness about mental health.

In times of crisis, remember that Lifeline Canberra is just a phone call away at 13 11 14.

Join Louise in supporting Lifeline Canberra. Just $ 26 can change a life.


Louise’s interests go beyond her professional pursuits and community work. Louise finds solace and creativity in knitting, working with locally sourced yarns to craft jumpers, scarves, and intricate blankets. Louise’s portfolio of knitting work is best described as the #blacksweaterproject, seeking the best combination of yarn, pattern and customisation to produce the perfect black jumper (and once you have made one, you can never have too many)! You can explore the #blacksweaterproject here.

Louise immerses herself in the world of Muay Thai, embracing the sport’s traditions, ceremonies, and beauty. Having taken up the sport after the COVID-19 lockdowns as a way to balance work, family and regaining healthful habits, Louise has found a vibrant, caring and passionate sporting and cultural community in the Canberra Muay Thai scene. Louise is now a registered Muay Thai and Kickboxing official, and is active in refereeing and judging amateur competition at the local, state and national level, including the National Championships.

Louise is deeply involved in renovating and restoring a mid-century ceremonial residence with her husband, showcasing her extensive knowledge in property development, construction, and planning.

This project demonstrates Louise’s passion for breathing new life into residential spaces while preserving their rich architectural and cultural value.

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